HEPA Filter Insert
Nonwoven and hydrophobic (repels water and respiratory droplets).

Mask Filter Insert

Improves Efficacy of Masks
Supreme Microbial Protection
98% Effectiveness Filtering 0.3 Microns Particles
Unparalleled Comfort & Breathability
Fiberglass Free
Ultra Thin Lightweight
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Nano47 Filter Reviews

Mask Filter Insert Properties

Our Nano47 Mask Filter Insert are made from melt blown polypropylene fabric, antibacterial, odorless thin lightweight for easy breathing.

Melt blown manufacturing is a process used for creating all non-woven fabrics that have special properties such as:

  • absorbency
  • bacterial barrier
  • cushioning
  • filtering
  • flame retardancy
  • liquid repellency
  • resilience
  • hepa air filter

    Ideal Filter For DIY Masks

    Every DIY mask must contain a middle filter that is comprised of meltblown polypropylene, an electret with efficient filtration conferred by electrostatic properties that bind to respiratory droplets and prevent them from going all the way through the mask.

    The filtration material used in an N95 mask is a meltblown non-woven polypropylene fiber.

    This is what makes an N95 an N95.

    This material is not commonly available.

    Perfect Middle Layer Filter

    Improves filtration effectiveness of DIY cloth masks
    NOTE: Majority of purchased and DIY masks do not have at least one layer of their mask made from meltblown non-woven material.

    Do Cloth Masks Provide Protection?

    Most fabrics are woven, with a crisscrossed porous grid of fibers that the respiratory droplets can go straight through to your face.

    Woven materials are effective when in multiple layers but better yet, materials where the fibers are randomly bonded, in an amorphous tortuous pattern.

    The ideal mask filter insert for DIY masks is a Nano47 filter currently being used in N95 face masks and hospitals, because it is both nonwoven and hydrophobic (repels water and respiratory droplets).

    Nano47 Mask Filter Inserts still work well after 2 or 3 uses unlike medical masks filters that lose filtration efficiency within a day.

    Nano47 Mask Filter Insert

    The use of cloth masks, many of them DIY homemade has become widely prevalent in response to the CoVid outbreak, where the virus can be transmitted via respiratory droplets.

    Respiratory droplets can be of various sizes and are commonly classified as aerosols (made of tiny droplets).

    Larger droplets do not travel distances more than 3–5 feet and settle due to gravity, while smaller aerosols remain suspended in the air a lot longer due to their size and play a key role in spreading infection.

    IMPORTANT: A combination of physical barriers such as respiratory face masks and filter inserts is crucial and very effective in mitigating the spread of tiny respiratory droplets (aerosols).

    Built to Fit All Shapes and Sizes

    Mask Filter Insert Pack
    Nano47 Filters will improve the filtration efficiency for various DIY (do it yourself) fabrics masks from 10 to 85% and 30 to 98%.

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